Morning Tea

An every morning affair ...



Fragrance So vivid yet strong Each different from the other It trickles my memory  A feeling so known This fragrance brought with it A whiff of days bygone  Of stories still fresh It brings back a memory Mostly sweet Seldom pain Is this some kind of factory My olfactory sense So sharp and precise With... Continue Reading →


Lollipop Those summer nights still fresh in my mind as we lay on our roof top gazing the stars finding their look alike spotting the Orion drawing shapes in the sky joining the dots flaunting my calibre made animals and virtual flowers But waiting to spot the shooting star showers and just then again like each times... Continue Reading →


Edible What I take in me is Edible It could be a resonating thought Or knowledge I want to aquire Or a memory that bring a smile   Praises are always edible Food that appeals to the eye Inspires , adds to your true growth   Meat isn't edible For the body nor the soul... Continue Reading →

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