Wait !

A Limerick : Wait !   She sat there everyday, waiting for an inspiration Knowing that, this is nothing but her procrastination She wanted to write And her ideas were bright So she waited for her next vacation..   © Preeti S Manaktala


I made you with this blood

I made you with this blood Wrapped in fullness of my muliebrity I rush hiding it from the glances that would be petrified If they saw what I carry hidden rolled up in a newspaper I walked like a samurai My son caught me red handed one day, literally ! ‘what is that you carry... Continue Reading →


  NaPoWriMo Day 30 : Yahoo ! Finally I have successfully written 30 Poems for the 30 days in April. I end this journey with pride, elation and lot of learnings  ! Thanks for each one who read my poems and encouraged me by their sheer presence . I have skipped away from the prompt provided by Napowrimo... Continue Reading →


Napowrimo 2018, Day 27. Today’s (optional) prompt. Following Lauren Hunter’s practice of relying on tarot cards to generate ideas for poems, we challenge you to pick a card (any card) from this online guide to the tarot, and then to write a poem inspired either by the card or by the images or ideas that... Continue Reading →

A Response Poem-Crossing The Water

Today, we’d like to challenge you to write a poem based on the Plath Poetry Project’s calendar. Simply pick a poem from the calendar, and then write a poem that responds or engages with your chosen Plath poem in some way. The poem by Sylvia Plath - Crossing the Water is what I have selected. In... Continue Reading →

Post card for Grandpa

NaPoWriMo Day 28 :  And now for our prompt (optional, as always). Following the suggestion of our craft resource, we challenge you today to draft a prose poem in the form/style of a postcard. Dear Grandpa , You knew I didnt like the creche , where I was dropped after school , while mum-dad were... Continue Reading →

Limerick : warning

Napowrimo 2018, Day 25. Today’s prompt (optional, as always). Today, we challenge you to write a poem that takes the form of a warning label . . . for yourself ! This is for myself and for the ones who love me. I have had my downfalls and bad days but I have always rose... Continue Reading →


Napowrimo 2018, Day 26. Today’s prompt (optional as always). Taking our cue from today’s craft resource, we’d like to challenge you to write a poem that includes images that engage all five senses. Try to be as concrete and exact as possible with the “feel” of what the poem invites the reader to see, smell,... Continue Reading →

An elegy for my father

The challenge of NaPoWriMo today, Day 24 is to write an elegy – a poem typically written in honour or memory of someone dead. But we’d like to challenge you to write an elegy that has a hopefulness to it. This is in loving memory of my father who passed away last year in December... Continue Reading →

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