Sparkles within

A Rube within.



I see too much

not much is lost

each heart beat

each action ~ each unspoken word

I sense each action with it’s reaction

I know how you feel

Your vibes are limpid to me

I draw back and withdraw on sensing the grey

I cannot ignore the warmth in a prayer

some fake it and some pretend

I pretend not to have seen

As I catch the subtle signs

and that bubble that just passed by me

Wish I didn’t see your venom

I chose to ignore some

and so faked it with my coyly smile 

I dare not tell anyone

No, I dare not offend

I know the truth that lurks behind your smile

I am worried of myself at all times

to face this world alone

It’s going to take some time

While I clean up this humongous pile

They say the world is a mirror

You only see what you hold

I must stop taking myself seriously then

Rube they would call me

If they sense what I sense..

The Daily Post Prompt : Rube

Preeti S Manaktala


Doubtful me…


I don’t know if or not I believe in the word reincarnation. What if life is just this what you have right now and when you are dead – you are gone-done and dusted forever, just like a bulb when it fuses is thrown into the bin. Consider yourself like a fused bulb/tube which is of no use once it it dead. What if there is no life after death and no rebirths . What if this life is your only chance to find out all the answers to all the questions that pop in your head. What if Karma is not a bitch after all and just a facade made up by a few good men preached in few books to warn man from becoming a beast. What if ?

What would you do or believe in ?

What do I believe in ? Well , I don’t know !! I simply have no answer ..

Maybe it’s a single life but I am still groping with many ifs and buts in my life . So what do I plan to do ?

Maybe just live this life unattached unexpecting as I know when I will be gone my memories will slowly fade away one day into oblivion. But can I really do that – stay unattached and not expect !

Or maybe I will try and know as much as I can seeking clarity on all the if’s and but’s in my life. Read~ absorb~throw what doesn’t comply with my system. I am sure this would do me some good ! 

But where would I search the answers from ? From the holy books written down ages back ? Is everything written in them is the real truth ? Wish someone could prove it for me. The Bhagwat Gita , The Bible , The Quran, the Tripitaka which one is real ? Or were they written just to save humanity ? Should I reach out for one of them to get enlightened like a light bulb ! 

 On second thought, I think I would like to just live one day at a time , make memories both good and bad, fall get up and fall again, it’s kinda fun you see and as they say – make hay while the sun shines – so I will !

 So to simplify things since I am not reaching anywhere anytime soon and going around in circles with my what if’s and but’s , I am just going to read and gain insight into some matters close to my heart and mostly trust and believe my gut and my instincts for the time being. What say ? 

Till the time I get to all the answers I plan to think, and think a lot, or maybe meditate. Would that help ?  To Simplify untangle and clarify myself ?

So , What are your plans for this one life that you have got ?

It’s 2 AM in the morning and he is sitting outside his home with the brown street dog who broke a leg last month , feeding him the biscuits from his pocket. He somehow manages to save some shillings every night for the biscuits before spending it all on getting wasted and drunk. He patted the dog as it wagged it’s tail. Stumbling and finding it hard to stand up, he felt out of his senses. Tightening his grip on the bar he alights the steps and ring the door bell. His wife opens the door with shaky hands.Every night he arrives in this inebriated state and shakes her world upside down and today would be no different. He pushed her in whilst hurling abuses.”Dinner” he yelled and she ran in to warm up the food.”Shoes you woman” he yelled again and she ran back to him to take off his shoes. He pulled her by her hair while she asked for mercy “please don’t shout, the kids just went to bed” she pleaded. Irked he pulled the chair and smashed it on to the ground.The sound was terrifying and she controlled her shriek by closing her mouth with both her hands…(To be continued..)

For The Daily Post : Prompt : Mercy




I was about 6 when I drew something in school and got a star.

Proud and happy I ran to show it to mom as I reached home.

The drawing of a flower which was red

Throwing fragrance on the page.

Mom patted my back saying ‘it looks very nice’.

Suggested I must show it to dad when he returns that night.

Grinning with joy I held it close to my heart.


Evening brought a friend of mom for tea

She called me to show dear aunty my deed

I ran back to my room and carried out my possession for the day

Aunty said it’s so nice and so clear my dear.

Mom gleamed and said

‘Oh yes she is my shining star indeed’


Then something caught her attention

She ran her fingers on the leaf

With two shades of green

Who taught you to draw these lines on the leaves ?

I shrugged my shoulder and said

‘I know where they belong’ 

She pulled me with love and I curled on her lap

These are not lines mumma

But veins are they called!


She was attentive to my art

I must pay attention too

Many things I wanted to draw

To keep intact her growing awe.


Till date when I doodle mindlessly

A leaf is born somewhere in the scribble

Could it be a coincidence ?

Or her love 

Running through my veins… 


                                                    Daily Prompt : Coincidence 




I knew what to recite today. It was his favourite song. A hymn from my school almanac. Every time I sang it brought a smile and a tiny tear to his eye. Maybe he liked it as much as I did. The high notes of this hymn did agree with me ,without my voice going into a shiver. So we waited , me and my sister for the evening and for him to return from work. A daily competition between me and my sister of who will sing the best tonite. And the judge being my Papa .

We waited for him to change and settle. For him to finish his dinner with the daily dose of his news at 9 took 30 minutes.

We never recited together. Our voices never matched and still don’t . She wanted to go first and I would always let her. Thinking the last song I sang would garner more praises and would have a good recall value. Or so I thought !

She sang, she was good today and It was my turn now.

I sang with all my heart, I sang to take his tiredness away  so his day would end on a sweet happy note. I sang with reverence in my heart for the one who was out for 12 hours a day. Never took a day off . He who had 3 shirts and 6 days of work. He who never shouted on us a single day. He who had no demands . He who was and is still a pillar of strenght.  He must smile throughout my song today and a tiny tear in his eye would mean he is touched, and that would be my medal for tonite.

The song ended. He called us both to hug us and pat us on our back. We were hoping for his verdict on who was the best amongst us. But like each day he said  “ How lovely you two sing , Very good, very beautiful songs, thank you for singing for me.”

We both wanted to know who was the best singer from papa but he never said , never compared. As we both lay in bed she said “ I think I was better today” and I argued “ No, I was”. As I closed my eyes I thought which song would I recite tomorrow for my dad to be the best. But the verdict till date remains the same and He still is the best dad.




So vivid yet strong

Each different from the other

It trickles my memory 

A feeling so known

This fragrance brought with it

A whiff of days bygone 

Of stories still fresh

It brings back a memory

Mostly sweet

Seldom pain

Is this some kind of factory

My olfactory sense

So sharp and precise

With many stories

Some fullfilled 

Some divine

 Acts like a time machine

Takes me to that place again

As you pass through my breath

 I reminisce we meet again

Yes , I liked you back then

  Dear Fragrance 

Is it why that you stayed ?

                                             The Daily Post : One word prompt : Fragrance

                                             Preeti Manaktala





Those summer nights

still fresh in my mind

as we lay on our roof top

gazing the stars

finding their look alike

spotting the Orion

drawing shapes in the sky

joining the dots

flaunting my calibre

made animals and virtual flowers

But waiting to spot

the shooting star showers

and just then again like each times

bedazzled by it’s light

I forget to wish upon it’s swift flight

now thinking what to wish for again if I see

breaking my thoughts

softly he speaks

‘the moon is on leave today

and so is the breeze’

I listen with rapt attention

to my dad as he knows more

about galaxies and world beyond our reach

seeing a cluster he pointed joyfully

that’s an Andromeda my darling

many light years away

the name as big as the distance

made no sense to my compact mind

though it looked like a lollipop 

I promised to pronounce it right

on our next star gazing night.



                                            Daily Prompt Lollipop