A twig called human


A little birdie who lived in a forest for many years, was caught by a hunter and taken to town.There she met many people as she was bought and shifted through many cages.

One fine day after many months of staying captive a little boy opened her cage and she said hello to the wind again. As she returned back to her forest she was asked by her friends about her experience with humans. Here she describes them and says they are no different  but very similar to the branches found in the forest .


Oh humans ~ Oh humans !

so open yet so closed

just like few branches

I have forever known

they are twisted and turned

some are hollow and burnt

think highly of themselves

I find them with deep bends

they are soft and vulnerable

some are tough to the core

some tanned and tamed

some stout so feel ashamed

few are green yet so parched

some bare and shallow

waiting to be blessed

with forked egos and pointed fingers

some with a lot of unrest

some young one with old thoughts

seem stubborn and crooked

cracked at the focal

latching like a creeper

each of them trying to survive

in this big race called life

I wish they had wings like me

So they could soar

breath in some fresh air

I wish they could feel LIFE

as alive as it is

but alas they are just branches

with no mind of their own

they imbibe and they seal

from the known to unknown.

Branch : The daily Post.



Shine bright like a diamond


Dim are those chances 

Which aren’t shining so bright

But Heart sees the tunnel

And the end has some light

Like my chance to 

Hold a fire fly 

See a flower bloom

Climb the Mt.Everest

Tour this world or

Make wild love tonight

And go right to the moon..


Getting my childhood back

Or Sewing some human cracks

Meeting my father again

Or reviving the past 

These are a few things 

Which have slipped like the sand..



Dim are my chances of 

Scoring those lost marks

In a bygone biology project 

Close to my heart

My role in a musical play 

In school that I lost

Culprit was my failing health

Yeah , It was all my fault 


Some dim chances of mine are

Soon to fade and die

Some I can still revive

 If I earnestly do try

So , don’t let the lights go dim on you

It’s only right that you begin now

As the one that is dim now

Is still left with sparks unknown within.


From The Daily Post : Dim


Sparkles within

A Rube within.



I see too much

not much is lost

each heart beat

each action ~ each unspoken word

I sense each action with it’s reaction

I know how you feel

Your vibes are limpid to me

I draw back and withdraw on sensing the grey

I cannot ignore the warmth in a prayer

some fake it and some pretend

I pretend not to have seen

As I catch the subtle signs

and that bubble that just passed by me

Wish I didn’t see your venom

I chose to ignore some

and so faked it with my coyly smile 

I dare not tell anyone

No, I dare not offend

I know the truth that lurks behind your smile

I am worried of myself at all times

to face this world alone

It’s going to take some time

While I clean up this humongous pile

They say the world is a mirror

You only see what you hold

I must stop taking myself seriously then

Rube they would call me

If they sense what I sense..

The Daily Post Prompt : Rube

Preeti S Manaktala


Doubtful me…


I don’t know if or not I believe in the word reincarnation. What if life is just this what you have right now and when you are dead – you are gone-done and dusted forever, just like a bulb when it fuses is thrown into the bin. Consider yourself like a fused bulb/tube which is of no use once it it dead. What if there is no life after death and no rebirths . What if this life is your only chance to find out all the answers to all the questions that pop in your head. What if Karma is not a bitch after all and just a facade made up by a few good men preached in few books to warn man from becoming a beast. What if ?

What would you do or believe in ?

What do I believe in ? Well , I don’t know !! I simply have no answer ..

Maybe it’s a single life but I am still groping with many ifs and buts in my life . So what do I plan to do ?

Maybe just live this life unattached unexpecting as I know when I will be gone my memories will slowly fade away one day into oblivion. But can I really do that – stay unattached and not expect !

Or maybe I will try and know as much as I can seeking clarity on all the if’s and but’s in my life. Read~ absorb~throw what doesn’t comply with my system. I am sure this would do me some good ! 

But where would I search the answers from ? From the holy books written down ages back ? Is everything written in them is the real truth ? Wish someone could prove it for me. The Bhagwat Gita , The Bible , The Quran, the Tripitaka which one is real ? Or were they written just to save humanity ? Should I reach out for one of them to get enlightened like a light bulb ! 

 On second thought, I think I would like to just live one day at a time , make memories both good and bad, fall get up and fall again, it’s kinda fun you see and as they say – make hay while the sun shines – so I will !

 So to simplify things since I am not reaching anywhere anytime soon and going around in circles with my what if’s and but’s , I am just going to read and gain insight into some matters close to my heart and mostly trust and believe my gut and my instincts for the time being. What say ? 

Till the time I get to all the answers I plan to think, and think a lot, or maybe meditate. Would that help ?  To Simplify untangle and clarify myself ?

So , What are your plans for this one life that you have got ?


Where are you now


ff_cecil061Where are you now ?

In the whispers of the night

As I glance the sky

I feel you guiding me to the Orion and to the clusters above

They hold a whole new world within , you would say..

You changed lanes and disappeared

Leaving a void never be filled

Faded into an unknown space

You left leaving your fragrance felt

But Where are you now ?

You were rare and unique

Not understood by many

Unwavering and resolute

Dewy eyed and loving

Leaving behind your wisdom your light

I pledge to let it shine and spread to many

Wish I had more time to make memories with you

More tales to tell my little ones

More laughter and hugs with you

More sharing of jokes and loves for songs

Wish I could learn some more from you

Or just sit and listen to you

I wish we had more time

But where are you now ?

Some say it’s destined

That you had to go

But I say that you had decided to go

You heard your calling and wanted to go back home

Eschewing every bond

You shared your future

And wished for another life and another place

Reminding me that the soul never dies

You were ready to decamp

But where are you now ?

I promise and pray that we will meet again soon

Somewhere in this lifetime

I shall touch your hand

And somewhere I shall see you smile

As you spread your radiant light

You will live in me forever Pa

I am sending you a copy of this

Do read and tell me if I wrote alright

I promise to be a learner always

Humble and loving to the core

And to walk as you taught

Wish to walk with you again

But where are you now…..

– Preeti Manaktala.

An Ode To My Father





I was about 6 when I drew something in school and got a star.

Proud and happy I ran to show it to mom as I reached home.

The drawing of a flower which was red

Throwing fragrance on the page.

Mom patted my back saying ‘it looks very nice’.

Suggested I must show it to dad when he returns that night.

Grinning with joy I held it close to my heart.


Evening brought a friend of mom for tea

She called me to show dear aunty my deed

I ran back to my room and carried out my possession for the day

Aunty said it’s so nice and so clear my dear.

Mom gleamed and said

‘Oh yes she is my shining star indeed’


Then something caught her attention

She ran her fingers on the leaf

With two shades of green

Who taught you to draw these lines on the leaves ?

I shrugged my shoulder and said

‘I know where they belong’ 

She pulled me with love and I curled on her lap

These are not lines mumma

But veins are they called!


She was attentive to my art

I must pay attention too

Many things I wanted to draw

To keep intact her growing awe.


Till date when I doodle mindlessly

A leaf is born somewhere in the scribble

Could it be a coincidence ?

Or her love 

Running through my veins… 


                                                    Daily Prompt : Coincidence 


The boy on the bench


I was waiting for a friend, we had plans to have coffee together. I decided to sit outside and wait for her. He looked beautiful, innocent. He was sitting on the bench across the road , must be all of 9 or 10 years. Same age as my boy. Almost the same built, dark hair and deep eyes. Sitting on the bench he watched people pass by. What was he observing ? What did he first notice on them as people walked past him in a rush , some on the phone and some pretending to be on the phone, some rushing with a purpose and some without. It’s not strange why no one observed him. Was it because he has no shoes on him or was it because his t-shirt was too big for him. or was it because he sat there without a purpose ? He seemed lost maybe disillusioned. His hopeless eyes sought nothing it seems. Briefly troubled by a fly as it was hovering his head for quite some time now. Tired , he stopped moving his hands to shoo off the adamant being . He gave up on the fly but the fly was in no mood to. They became friends it seems.

The wisdom in his eyes didn’t match up with his age. He stood up to stretch and to scan the dustbin near by. He picked up a thing to taste it and threw it back inside. He searched again and then discovered a half eaten banana. The earth below me was shaking or was it me ? I had shivers and tears rolling down my eyes. My boy would be in school eating his healthy lunch at this time. So, why is this boy less deserving ? We may name destiny, karma or fate ? He doesn’t belong here and why just him and million kids like him surviving this irony called life.  We went in as my friend arrived and sat down for our coffee, my eyes still on him as I chose to sit by the window. Saw him playing with a broken toy which he must have discovery next from the shacks he scanned. He seemed happy and contended. I couldn’t eat a morsel fearing what if the boy outside spots me  enjoying my sandwich. I felt ashamed eating.

I directed my driver to come across the road. I stood close to the bench he sat on as he continued playing oblivion to my presence. He made roaring sounds with the broken car. Don’t all kids play alike , all have small little hopes , all expect a little love and attention except for this one boy on the bench. I couldn’t gather courage to approach him or even look at him. Though I wanted to sit and talk but I didn’t. I wanted to ask his name but I didn’t. Why ? What was I ashamed off ? He looked at me for a few seconds and then looked away. I must give this to him before my car arrives I thought . I held out the box to him and said ” this is for you”. He stood up and stared at me. “Some food for you in this box, please eat”. He took the box with a wide grin and his smile reached his eye. As my car rolled up on our side and I was getting in he asked me my name -” Preeti ” I said. He folder his legs and sat back on the bench to open the box and shouted “Aur main hoon Srikanth”(and my name is Srikant) and waved me an animated bye. He must have sat there since morning with some amount of wamble in his stomach but what kept him contended ? What kept him going each day, what did he expect from life each day? He did not beg around for food as if he expected nothing from the world around him it seems. Moreover, he wasn’t ashamed of asking my name. His name and his life state didn’t agree . ‘Srikant’ – which means lover of wealth and fortune.

Sympathy was what I felt for myself after meeting Srikant. Antithetical is life.