NaPoWriMo Day 30 : Yahoo ! Finally I have successfully written 30 Poems for the 30 days in April. I end this journey with pride, elation and lot of learnings  ! Thanks for each one who read my poems and encouraged me by their sheer presence . I have skipped away from the prompt provided by Napowrimo... Continue Reading →



NaPoWriMo Day 23 : Today's challenge is to honor this idea a poem based on sounds.  My recent trip to Himachal took me to a breathtaking place in the Himalayas -Naldehra. A quaint town tucked between Shimla and Mandi. I decided not to go sight seeing that day but to explore the hills by foot. Me... Continue Reading →

Bracing my sorrow

Vague NaPoWriMo day 22 Poem. Wrote on the prompt by WordPress today. The prompt is : Vague and so is my poem !   The heart beats to a different tune these days brittle smiles followed by tears, sunrise and sunset is inevitable on life around so wipe that tear brace yourself   erase that... Continue Reading →

Full Stop

Authentic     You come in myriad ways To everyone, equally Nah, no favourites you got  Between the rich and poor The good the bad The young and the mature  Inevitable and honest So Authentic is your core Faithfully resolute  What do I call you The dark angel ~ the grim reaper  Or Death  I am ready whenever... Continue Reading →

Life’s Song

Song   To the one who has written this song called life come down and be human for a day being god must be easy try wearing our hats for a day where each day is a new struggle many roles you would need to juggle you can't give up on any  it ain't so... Continue Reading →


Glimmer   Shine faintly with a wavering light  That is what glimmer means  I didn't know that ( so I searched the net ) But since it does rhyme with shimmer So I thought the meaning of glimmer must be nice  I was right !! So, I glimmered shyly and took pride And I hope... Continue Reading →

Obtuse Heads

Froth   The sun rose again today Just like the every day screams Which comes from nooks and corners Of my cities, villages and streets My country called India 'Mera Bharat Mahan' Is shamed yet again Dekho kahan gayi iski shaan ?   It’s no big deal you know Girls-women-moms-daughters Some sisters and some wives... Continue Reading →


  We all have them - deep inside , but always ready to shove it aside They grows within me and you - Like the weeds around a flowering tree Face them - don’t ignore them , cause only from me and you they stem They are a part of you , you must know them well show... Continue Reading →

What did you see

Inchoate An eagle lingers outside my window on many days ~ so very often with a purpose or without one I want to ask him  what did he see as he gazed inside with his prying eyes   You know I saw you the other day our eyes did meet the very first time I... Continue Reading →

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