Today the NaPoWriMo Day 19 challenge is to write a paragraph that briefly recounts a story, describes the scene outside your window, or even gives directions from your house to the grocery store. Now try erasing words from this paragraph to create a poem or, alternatively, use the words of your paragraph to build a... Continue Reading →



Napowrimo 2018, Day 18. Today’s prompt Take a poem, preferably one not known to you. Cover all but the last line. Write out that line and then write a line to correspond or in response. Then take the penultimate line and do the same and so on back to the first line of the poem.... Continue Reading →


NaPowrimo 2018 / Day 17. Today I felt like taking the Haiku lane. A warning presage Lightning screamed through the sky - as humanity cried      

3 day Quote Challenge – Day 1

A big thanks to Shreya for nominating me for the 3 Day quote challenge. Her writings are soulful indeed and it’s a pleasure to read her blogs.   The Rules: Thank the person who nominated you. Post a quote for three consecutive days  (1 quote for each day). Share why this quote appeals so much to... Continue Reading →

The Mango Tree

Napowrimo 2018, Day 16. Today’s prompt for the day asks you to write a poem that prominently features the idea of play. It could be a poem about a sport or game, a poem about people who play (or are playing a game), or even a poem in the form of the rules for a... Continue Reading →

Life’s Song

Song   To the one who has written this song called life come down and be human for a day being god must be easy try wearing our hats for a day where each day is a new struggle many roles you would need to juggle you can't give up on any  it ain't so... Continue Reading →


Napowrimo 2018, Day 14, Today’s prompt : Dream dictionaries have been around as long as people have had dreams. Interestingly, if you consult a few of them, they nearly always tend to have totally different things to say about specific objects or symbols. At any rate, today’s prompt is to write entries for an imaginary... Continue Reading →


Glimmer   Shine faintly with a wavering light  That is what glimmer means  I didn't know that ( so I searched the net ) But since it does rhyme with shimmer So I thought the meaning of glimmer must be nice  I was right !! So, I glimmered shyly and took pride And I hope... Continue Reading →

Obtuse Heads

Froth   The sun rose again today Just like the every day screams Which comes from nooks and corners Of my cities, villages and streets My country called India 'Mera Bharat Mahan' Is shamed yet again Dekho kahan gayi iski shaan ?   It’s no big deal you know Girls-women-moms-daughters Some sisters and some wives... Continue Reading →

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