Thanks for dropping by. I call myself an accidental writer and a reluctant poet . I find myself struggle with words verbally , I am costive – but writing those thought down is less complicated ! I am inspired by nature , people , my emotional – introspections and sometimes a prompt to write !

I am trying to aim at perfection in my writing and always on the endeavour to improve and scale it up , but perfection on every front seldom comes and chasing it in the hope of making it mine would cloud my sunny days.  But, I would like to surprise myself one day. The worst enemy to ones own creativity is self doubt.What is meant to be will always find a way to reach you. I believe , it’s only when you stop learning – you fall and break  your tip, and to write with a broken tip is pointless !!

As Ernest Hemingway righty said “The first draft of anything is shit.” So me working on my cluster and all I do is aspire to improve on my craft. My scribbles are straight from my heart. I am a seeker and I am learning not to give up till the time I can write extraordinarily beautiful.

Miles to write-learn and repeat before I sleep.


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