Thanks for dropping by. Accidentally,was it ?  I am quite an accidental writer myself, Since I find it hard to express myself verbally, so -I write. Any emotional upheaval, introspection makes me want to pour my thoughts and so -I write. I love perfection and try and put my best foot forward, but perfection on every front doesn’t come that easy and chasing it in the hope of making it mine would cloud my sunny days. So in the quest to improve and learn- I write.

I would like to surprise myself one day..The worst enemy to ones own creativity is self doubt.What is meant to be will always find a way to reach you.It’s only when you stop learning , you fail and fall. When you fall and don’t get back up, means you have certainly broken your pencil. Using a sharpener then helps, as to write with a broken pencil is Pointless !  As Ernest Hemingway righty said “The first draft of anything is shit.” So Me working on my cluster and all I do is aspire..

My writing mite not be totally inspiring. But they will be straight from my heart. I call myself a seeker – I am learning not to give up. So,till the time I can write extraordinarily beautifully-I am going to write some heart felt stuff which mite be shitty at times. Would love to hear your reviews on it.That’s how I will revamp reinvent myself. I have miles to write before I sleep.